Aramar, Supplies for Glass

More than 40 years of experience in the sector

Aramar fittings for glassis dedicated entirely to themanufacture and distribution of accessories, tools and machinery for the glass industry flat.

We are committed to our customers to always find solutions to the demands that we face each day and in turn to advise on new ideas and trends, in this way our customers feel clothed in their buying process and will be aware of what happens In international design.

Surely you will evaluate several aspects when choosing a supplier, and in your decision will have a fundamental weight certain attributes such as product quality, strength and confidence. Aramar adds in its sales policy the empathy, that is, putting ourselves in the place of the client and being sympathetic in all their needs and requests.

In Aramar, we are committed to more than 40 years of experience in the sector.

Convinced that fluid communication is a fundamental part of the supplier-customer trust process, we serve at Aramar supplies for glass and the commercial network throughout Spain, we are at your disposal to assist you and offer you the appropriate advice to your needs.

If something stands out Aramar, apart from the large human group of 20 people that consist of his excellent empathy and great customer treatment before and after the sale, is the capacity of metamorphosis and adaptation that has, that is why the company Has reached agreements with all the major manufacturers and brands, both national and international, as well as factories in Germany, Italy, Poland and China, to redesign or launch new products in less than 30 days. This being one of the arguments to solve any need that any client has. If you need something that is not in this catalog, request it and Aramar will get it at the best price.

Certified quality

In search of improvement and excellence

Aramar is always in search of excellence and continuous improvement. It is based on our iso9001 and IQnet interational certification when it is decided and we want to improve every day, listening to its clients and researching in the national and international market with its R & D team in engineering and architecture, in new materials, Products, colors, etc.

It is with this reason that during this last year have come out patented and exclusive products of Aramar as successful as the Hegox Pro, or the new machines already available and in stock.