Guaranteed quality

Aramar accessories and fittings for glass after an arduous step in improving, professionalizing and auditing, has obtained through the certification with more years of national experience AENOR, ISO 9001 regulated by the ENAC and with it, the IQnet quality certification Internationally renowned prestige all over the world. With these quality certificates, Aramar joins the IAF, International Accreditation Forum, To support the needs of its international clients who requested a guarantee of confidence in order to certify their trust in our company.

With these steps Aramar is positioned in the national market to be among the best distributors and stockists of accessories, hardware and tools for glass. With the most important growth since 2010. Also picking up its international market share.

Aramar continues with its quality plan so that the client feels supported and deposits 100% his trust in a professional and serious company, where the empathy with the client and the trust are the flag in his company policy. Any problem or incident arisen, please be notified to the quality department by sending to the incident addressed to DEPARTMENT OF QUALITY.