Architecture and minimalist projects

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The minimalist architecture tops the current avant-garde style and inspiration of renowned architects and designers.

Its main objective is to “achieve much with little”, less is more, in other words. A trend that focuses on not using excess decorative elements and tries to use the essential.

Simplicity is what stands out. This statement may sound paradoxical since, using monochromatic and unimpressive elements, it tends rather not to stand out. But on the other hand, we must bear in mind that the other aspect of this simplicity is “purity and quality”, a structure that may seem simple, can house a great potential marked by the use of pure, clean and authentic quality materials.


Minimalist architectural projects

The projects led by this style are characterized by the extreme simplicity of their forms, using diaphanous spaces and neutral colors, but building an environment full of harmony and balance.

These types of projects use lines contrary to the Baroque style that already had its peak period. We live in a saturated world and this minimalism responds with spaces that evoke serenity, order and well-being in our homes and workplaces.

The success of these projects is due to the difficulty of designing pleasant and functional spaces, subtracting superfluous elements. All the elements must combine and form a unit, tending to low and straight structures that complement the furniture that will be present.


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Minimalist ironworks

In Aramar Supplies for Glass, we have a wide variety of ironworks with a clear minimalist trend. First of all, its aluminum or stainless steel materials, mostly with the glass mounted by our hardware, can cause a sense of calm that goes hand in hand with the minimalist style we are talking about that combines neutral colors.

The first brands such as Hegox glass fittings provide us with shower screens, space dividers or hinges, which are incorporated into large architectural projects with minimalist lines.

As we said at the beginning, when architects and professional designers look for the “less is more”, we offer you a considerable offer of quality hardware that offer a high efficiency that goes hand in hand with visually harmonic and elegant finishes.

Find a wide range of hardware for architects of more or less minimalist tones in our catalog

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