From Aramar Sumnistros para el Vidrio, we want to communicate the change of commercial in the area of Castellón and Valencia. Until now, Mr. José Romero was in charge of all the clients, but due to his retirement, this area will be in charge of José Romero, his son.

Mr. José Romero has dedicated many years of his profession to working with us. Therefore, as compensation for his great effort, our commercial director, Toni Llach, gave him a hotel night for 2 people. A detail that Mr. José Romero was very grateful for.

All of it, it doesn’t change anything! The working method will remain the same. Your son, José Romero, has worked with us satisfactorily before. In addition, he has learned from a great professional such as his father, so we are sure that he will meet expectations.

His contact details are the follows: