Vitrinas de vidrioThe glass showcases, are of that category of furniture that contribute variety to any room. Due to their elegance, these become part of the glances of any visitor who comes to a home. Undoubtedly, they are one of the best furniture to complement in terms of interior decoration, so many times we can find them in lounges, foyers and other rooms.

Nowadays, glass showcases have evolved a lot. Away are those first showcases of yesteryear that had glass doors and wooden frames. The current models are provided with tempered glass that strengthens the display case and protects us in case it breaks. If this were to happen, the glass would break into a thousand pieces without causing any cuts as opposed to normal glass.

Glass cabinets generally do not have doors, so they are no longer used solely to store and display household goods through plates and cups as used in the past. Its design is composed of simple and straight forms in such a way that they do not gain prominence and all the attention of the receiver is focused on those objects it contains. Among these objects, in most homes you can find books and magazines that are exposed as display cabinets.

In Aramar Suministros para el Vidrio we distribute the main pieces that comprise and guarantee the system of a glass showcase. Some of the most important supports, serves as a clamp to hold the sheets of glass of the shelf and / or showcase so that it is held to place any object on top of it.

Vitrinas de vidrio

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