When it comes to installing a glass ladder, many people come to mind the danger you can pose by simply thinking that they can break into a thousand pieces. However, this is a false myth and, thanks to technological development in the manufacture of these glasses, make them an element as resistant as steel stairs.

One of the factors that have influenced the modernization of this installation system, have been the large consumption surfaces such as shopping malls, physical stores or even public buildings. The innovative design and spatial layout of these staircases make them an attraction and an example of the powerful technology of glass and steel. The fact of having a glass staircase in a house turns it into a spectacular skylight that brings light into the interior of the house. In addition, they generate a greater value of lightness and amplitude of space.

In Aramar Supplies for Glass we distribute the main parts that guarantee the safety system of a glass staircase. Some of the most important are the following:

On the one hand, we have handrail rods and tubes, designed so that the passage through the infrastructure is safe and guided by these accessories. We also offer connectors and handrail holders.


On the other hand, we also have a variety of anchors, both to the floor and to the wall.

In third place, appear the fixing balusters, which are the elements that suppose a vertical support for the staircase. In addition to securing the ladder, they have a very important aesthetic function.

For more information on other accessories related to glass staircases, please consult the second section of our catalogue, between pages 450-465, by clicking here.