Poor acoustic insulation is one of the problems that will most influence the well-being of many homes. In most homes, depending on the spatial arrangement in which the glass is found in the installations of the house, a different type is used for each of the spaces. For example, glass may be present in a garden enclosure or window. Almost certainly, we can say that it will be different from that found in the bathroom screen door, or on the contrary, from a sliding glass door.

Why do we say they’re different? Well, these differences that we can find in a home refer to the acoustics they emit. Some are better conductors of sound and others are thought not to be. Next, we’re going to make a comparison between simple glass, laminated glass and double glazed glass:

– Simple glass: It is a good sound conductor, it only attenuates 20db noise.

– Laminated glass: It is a glass composed of two sheets joined together by a layer of plastic (PVB) that collects the sound around 36-40 decibels.

– Double glazing: This type of glass achieves an attenuation of 42-45db, this reduces by 50% the subjective perception of noise.

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