Are you thinking of doing some bathroom renovations? Many people have already decided to change their traditional plastic shower enclosure for other more attractive and dynamic materials such as glass shower enclosures. Among their advantages, we can say that glass shower enclosures provide great In addition, the fact that it is made of glass gives it great durability due to the fact that this material is subjected to different treatments to strengthen it.

The vast majority of folding or folding glass doors that are incorporated into bulkheads, usually have hinges of aluminum, steel or brass. These hinges are attached to the wall or to the glass, thus allowing the swinging of the crystals. The fact that they are stainless gives them greater resistance to humidity, which guarantees greater durability.

In Aramar Supplies for Glass, we have numerous models of hinges with finishes in white, gloss, gold and matt. These include hydraulic hinges with or without bevel, side hinges, double hinges, circular hinges, etc. You can find all the models of our hinges on page 524 of our catalogue of novelties or if you prefer, you can visit them directly here. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help you! You can contact us via email or telephone so that we can advise you.