Hinges are the most important security element attached to the doors. The dictionary of the Real Academia Española, defines us “pernio” like a hinge that is put in the doors and windows so that the leaves turn.

As far as the adaptability of hinges with brakes in the glass sector is concerned, we can say that they are of special importance when installing a glass door of great weight or wingspan.  A hind leg can support up to 70 kilos of weight compared to the 20 kilos that can support the hinges. Therefore, it is more interesting to use a hinge with a brake on those doors that weigh more than 20 kilos so as not to have to use more than two hinges. This is a positive aspect that will give us greater security in a more discreet and more economical way by saving labor and time in attaching the various hardware to the doors.

In Aramar Supplies for Glass, we have a wide range of hinge varieties because they can be placed on top or bottom of doors. As for the finish, most are glossy and satin stainless. For the upper part of the door, we observe that the High Pernio is anchored on which it is necessary to place a pivot point so that the door can move. On the other hand, if we are talking about the Low Hinge, it is placed in the lower part of the door and in order to work, it will be necessary to install a brake or directly a hinge with brake in which it is added.


You can find all the models of our hinges on page 54 of our catalogue of novelties or if you prefer, you can visit them directly here. If you have any questions, we’ll be happy to help you! You can contact us via email or telephone so that we can advise you.