Locks, also known as pins, are metal mechanisms generally formed by handles and knobs that are used to incorporate them to doors, drawers, cabinets, etc.. In order to prevent them from being opened without a metal key. Nowadays, locks can be combined with different finishes and models.

In our sector, we use stainless steel locks to attach them to any glass door that is lent. Among others, its advantages, we observe the following:

– Seal your doors preventing thieves or intruders from entering.

– There are different types of locks for different thicknesses

– The cylinders that are incorporated in its interior called Europrofile provide a multiplom safety system.

– The material is made of stainless steel, which means that it is incorrosible.

In Aramar Suplies for Glass  we have a wide range of locks applied to the surface of the glass in our catalog with a very competitive price in the market and high quality. Mainly, the glass thickness for which our locks are adapted is 10mm. Among them, the standard lock with a glass notch and the lock without a flask notch stand out.

In addition our locks include some extra services that can be included on request as the duplicate of keys, master strings, different thicknesses of lock, stop for locks that are installed with electric locks with external opening or different finishes among others.

You can find all the locks and their technical characteristics described on page 358 of our catalogue, or you can visit it here and if you have any need that is not in our catalogue, do not hesitate and contact us via email or telephone so that we can advise you.