Get ready, summer’s here!

At Aramar glass supplies we love the good weather, the summer and the desire to enjoy now that you can make the most of the day, as the days are longer. This premise also affects interior design, as modern architecture makes use of large windows and glazed spaces that allow natural light to pass through and allow wider views of the surroundings, making the most of certain times of the year.

This trend in modern architecture leads to the manufacture of various variants of traditional glass, which involves major innovations aimed mostly at the sustainability of buildings. In this way, solar control glass stands out, in which technology is the basis for the creation of this type of glass. Let’s see what it’s all about. 

Solar control glass is characterised by the fact that it is made up of several invisible layers, made up of metals that allow heat to reflect off the glass and not pass into the room, which also provides solar protection. This means a saving in energy consumption and brings greater comfort to the room, room, home that uses large windows or glass enclosures.  

At Aramar we seek to adapt our entire offer to new innovations. So if you decide to bet on new glass, do not hesitate to ask for our enclosures and hardware. Get in touch with us.