Black finishes, an upward trend              

The black a finish that is giving much to talk about in this 2019, and is that trends in interior decoration say that black is fashionable, whether for walls, furniture, appliances, even small decorative details …

At Aramar Suministros para el vidrio, we know how important it is to adapt to new trends and always be on the cutting edge, so we also have any hardware for glass with black finishes, whatever the space, is the latest fashion and we know them.

Our fittings are manufactured of high quality and most are made of stainless steel, a noble material used in both interior and exterior decoration for its elegant and attractive appearance that gives a perfect touch that allows you to apply different finishes, gloss, satin, even black, by means of a chemical bath.

We anticipate last year 2018 that was stepping on strong and providing aesthetically an elegance that makes the difference with our spot launching new finishes and the launch of Aramar range products with finishes in black, such as hinges. Currently, any of the products available in the catalogue can be ordered with a black finish, just contact us.