Decoration with glass, a growing trend

Glass, an ancient art material that over the years has been refined to enjoy being one of the most elegant and prestigious materials due to its great versatility. Very used as construction material for different elements, such as windows or glass blocks, and also used for the creation of different elements for the decoration of a home or business. Or, it is also widely used as glass facades being thus a revolution of architecture.

In Aramar Suministros para el vidrio we know the importance that this material has been gaining in recent years, and we work every day to offer all kinds of hardware and combinations to create different models of facilities where our customers can find a variety and create homes and businesses with reforms, and interiors that abuse transparency which causes an impressive effect by the luminosity. In addition, adapting to any project, even for rooms with limited spaces, glass becomes a great ally, let’s see some examples

Glass-walled room separations can be created, either in a living room or in an office, which gains luminosity and increases visual contact between interior and exterior. Also the use of sliding doors usually are a good resource for small rooms, if in addition the glass is used as material gives him a touch of singular elegance. Another decorative resource is the use of glass handrails, available for installations with different fittings, both for exteriors, which allows you to enjoy the views without obstacles, and interiors, which provide security. A way to gain a few centimetres in the bathrooms are those that go to shower and glass shower rooms, in addition to achieving greater lighting.

Also you will be able to find in our catalogue many other complementary elements for the glass and your facilities, visit us and tell us your necessities.