Novelties Trivel in Aramar        

In Aramar Suministros para el vidrio we work with major brands in the sector such as Trivel, a company with years of experience focused on the manufacture of hardware ranging from hinges, locks, cylinders, through hinges and door closers among others. All of them available in our catalogue. Recently, the brand has introduced several new products, such as different finishes, horizontal locks, or new floor spring.

Among the many novelties of both the brands we distribute and Aramar’s own, we are working on the compilation of all the novelties to create a new Aramar catalogue. However, we know that the products of the Trivel hardware brand are well received by our customers, so we want to anticipate the premiere of these new products in our catalogue and we have an irresistible launch offer for you.

Taking advantage of the launch of the new Trivel G75 floor spring, we have created a launch offer in which we have the complete hardware pack at a very competitive price, just RESERVE IT in our offices as soon as possible. 

The main features of the new floor spring G75 Trivel model:

  • It is provided with 2 speeds, one of approach that acts from 90º to 25º and another of closing that acts from 25º to 0º.
  • Available with French 16/19 or Regleta cam.
  • With 90º lock
  • For a maximum door width of 1100mm
  • Recommended maximum weight of 100kg
  • With glossy or satin stainless steel finishes.

Next June the G75 floor spring will be available in Aramar, but you can go ahead and take advantage of the launch offer which is made up of the G75 floor spring, high hind leg, low hind leg and pivot point, to ensure the success of your glass project. Book your Trivel hardware pack now, taking advantage of the offer by clicking here

Do not hesitate and consult us!