Glass in New York Architecture

New York is one of the cities in the United States with the richest and most varied architecture with a history that begins in the 19th century. Nevertheless, what makes New York attractive is its unique urban landscape.

In the early days of New York City, two-story structures made of stone and wood began, thus creating the rural area. Later, symmetrical and Renaissance styles were imposed, with colonnades and pediments typical of ancient temples and palaces. This was followed by a model of Athenian architecture, giving rise to constructions with marble materials and very wide pediments. Over the years, different architectural techniques were used depending on New York trends, including Gothic-Romantic styles or influences from Europe.

But the true architectural revolution was the “vertical city” where the objective was to create structures as high as possible, giving rise to skyscrapers that arise throughout the twentieth century. This gave rise to a new European style, with vertical harmonies of straight lines, stone cladding, ceramics and metal, which were later combined with glass. Given the evolution of this material, where the glasses are selective, they save energy, generate luminosity and bring elegance to the projects, which allows the city to have such a characteristic urban landscape.

A clear example would be the urban development plan built to the west of the city of Manhattan, known as the Hudson Yards district, made up of cultural centres, shopping centres, parks, offices and residences, a project for large skyscrapers with large glass walls inaugurated this year, whose main monumental piece is the “Vessel”, a structure covered in steel and glass situated in the centre where visitors can climb by means of several interlaced staircases that allow them to appreciate the city’s luxurious architectural design.

With the passage of time and advances have allowed glass to become one of the main materials of modern architecture, thus reducing the use of other materials, and giving the cities such characteristic aspects as that of New York City. In addition, they provide the buildings with great natural lighting without losing other benefits.

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