The importance of good glazing

The good weather is approaching and at Aramar Suministros para el vidrio we are delighted to be able to enjoy long evenings contemplating the views and flowers of this period, through the window, on the terraces or balconies. And it is known that the use of glazing or glass enclosures is one of the great trends in home design for the great advantage of being able to use the space during all seasons of the year and for the passage of natural light in the home, but we must take into account the type of glass used, as it is one of the most important elements for good glazing.

Therefore, today we want to comment on the different types that exist to ensure comfortable spaces:

On the one hand, we find selective glass, also known as solar control glass. It is a glass that saves energy because it maintains the temperatures inside the space, since it filters solar radiation ensuring a high transmission of sunlight.

On the other hand, there are the acoustic selective glasses, which are those that besides allowing the filtration of the solar radiations have an acoustic butyral that allows to create silent spaces. And finally, there would be the selective safety glass, are those that in addition to having the characteristics of the above mentioned, also have a safety sheet that reduce the risk of injury in case of accidental breakage, also perform the function of anti-aggression.

But in order to achieve good glazing, in addition to glass it is also very important to have quality fittings that allow the installation to be of quality and provide comfort in space, so in our catalogue you can find all the necessary fittings, such as the HegoxPro system for enclosures, have a look at the catalogue and if you have any doubts ask us.