Get 15% off the Bergen bulkhead model

In Aramar suministros para el vidrio we know how important it is for you to know the trends in decoration, to offer customers the best option when they ask for advice, because one of the latest trends in bathroom design is the use of shower rooms, as we mentioned a few days ago, a wide sector with a variety of materials, shapes and colors. We understand that a little and you can find in our catalog everything you need to create glass shower room to suit the space you have to reform. 

In addition to knowing the trends we try to give the best of services to our customers for it, only this March and taking advantage of the screens as a trend, we have a 15% discount on one of the most adaptable models in our catalog, Hegox Bergen.

If the intention with the reform is to provide the bathroom with an unequalled elegance, this model is one of the most versatile and competitively priced on the market, you can find different kits that are conditioned to any need.

Get to know the different kits we have:

  • Hegox Bergen with hinged leaf, reference 1075000
  • Hegox Bergen with fixed leaf and hinged leaf, reference 1075010
  • Hegox Bergen with 2 hinged leaves in 90º, references 1075020
  • Hegox Bergen with 2 fixed and hinged blade in 180º, references 1075030
  • Hegox Bergen with 2 fixed and 2 hinged leaves in 90º, references 1075040
  • Hegox Bergen with 2 fixed and 2 hinged leaves in 180º, references 1075050

How to enjoy the discount?

When you go to place your order in our offices, via email or telephone, you only have to indicate the promotional code: OFMAR19 and automatically apply the discount on suction cups for this month of March.

Discover the different models of shower rooms in our catalog, for any questions we will be happy to assist you by email or phone, where our team can help and advise you.

Take advantage of the discount! Only until end of stock.