Why use glass shower rooms?

Different models for different needs

In Aramar suministros para el vidrio we want our customers to always find the best option that suits their needs, which is why we have a wide variety of products in a wide catalog, where every day many professionals count on us for the value for money.

Today we are talking about glass shower rooms, the most common way to protect the shower or bathtub from water, undoubtedly one of the trend elements in bathroom design as a decorative element, as well as functional, despite the difference in price compared to others such as metracrylate partitions.  

Another element to take into account in a glass shower rooms is the use of tempered glass that provides greater security, a circumstance that questions many of the users when choosing the type of partition for their home.  In addition, they are very practical in small bathrooms to generate luminosity, visual amplitude and transparency although it must be cleaned more often than other materials to look fantastic and produce this effect.

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