Indoor lighting is an important factor to take into account

Indoor lighting is quality of life

They say that indoor lighting is an antidepressant, so it provides quality of life, and is one of the conditions most valued by the user when considering conditions of well-being and comfort inside buildings, homes or workplaces, some studies affirm that it is key to better performance and production. At Aramar Suministros para el vidrio, we consider that natural light is one of the most important factors to take into account in a project, as well as the distribution of spaces, since it conveys an indisputable feeling of comfort.

Considering as a premise in an architectural project the importance of interior light, and highlighting the rise of glazed spaces could be considered the transparency of glass for the divisions of spaces that gives continuity and fluidity to the interior spaces and maintains the sustainability of the buildings.

With the aim of eliminating limits and extending spaces beyond dimensions, Hegox Pro, the definitive system for glass walls with the simplest installation system on the market and without the use of profiles or silicone.

Hegox pro Aramar

Get a greater depth in your project with glass systems for stair rails or glass partitions, or for passage doors, use the sliding or folding with their different accessories.

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