Accessories for Aramar sliding doors.

The sliding doors become a decorative element within a home that create bright and spacious environments, acting as a separating element of spaces.  In Aramar Suministros para el vidrio, we have a wide range of sliding door systems, which adapt to all the needs, shapes and sizes that our customers need.

However, in addition to sliding systems, there are other elements to take into account when assembling a sliding door in a home or establishment, such as accessories for sliding doors. All of them are pieces that stand out visually and affect the decoration of the space.

Within our catalogue, in group 2, you will find a great variety and diversity of accessories for sliding doors, such as locks, locks, handles, nails and other hardware, from various brands of which we are distributors such as Trivel, Saheco, CBM. 

Depending on the decoration of the space where you install this type of doors, you must use one or other types of hardware, we propose the use of steel for this type of hardware, as it is a durable and robust material for a type of product that will be used very often, which are also available with different finishes (chrome, gloss, satin) and brings an elegant and modern touch to the room.

Although we have a wide range of accessories, here are some of the accessories for sliding doors in our catalogue:

Glass lock with reference 1065100 suitable for glass thickness of 8 – 10 mm with silver aluminium finish, includes frame striker, although we also have available the glass striker reference 1065120 for the same thickness of glass. Finally, another essential accessory for a sliding door, would be a grip reference 1523235 with satin stainless steel finish, as they are the perfect option to help us open and close the sliding door without touching the glass and without having obstacles when opening the door in its entirety, as could happen in the case of using a handle.

Call us or send us an email with the doubts and needs you have. We will be happy to help you find the best accessories for sliding doors.