How to calculate the weight of a glass

Many of the products available in the Aramar Suminsitros catalogue for glass need to know the weight of the glass to be used in the installation for the fittings that best suit the installation. In other words, if you need a sliding door, as well as looking for the design and style that best suits the customer’s needs, the professional needs to know the weight of this installation in order to be able to adapt the hardware necessary for the installation. 

In the catalogue you will find within the brand HEGOX sliding doors different shapes and installations for glass that are characterized mainly by the weight of the glass, among which is available up to a maximum weight of 150kgs per leaf.

Since the weight of glass for installations is so important, at Aramar we have the Glass Calculator, a web tool where you can calculate the weight of glass based on the measures and thickness it will have.

Next, we explain the procedure that we follow in the glass calculator, with the Formula to calculate the weight of the glass. 

m (measure) = mt2 (height by width)

e (thickness) = mm

f (factor) = 2.5

m * e * f

Example: A glass of 1.5 x 1.8 mts of 18 mm weighs:

We calculate the mt2: 1.5 x 1,8 = 2.7 mt2

 the result of mt2 (2.7) is multiplied by the thickness in mm (18) = 48.6

 and this (48.6) is multiplied by the factor (2.5) = 121.5 Kg

(1.5 x 1.8) x 18 x 2.5 = 121.5 kg.

Visit the glass calculator