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In Aramar suministros para el vidrio we want our customers to always find the best option that suits their needs, which is why we have a wide variety of products in a wide catalog, where every day many professionals count on us for the value for money.

When a customer doubts whether to use sliding or folding doors, we have to take into account several factors, let’s see the main characteristics:

A sliding door is an option to consider when we have a reduced decoration space, since it allows us to separate spaces but creating multifunctional places, that is to say, it allows us to separate the kitchen from the dining room, giving the opportunity that when it is open it is all a single space.

In addition, sliding doors become a decorative element, so when choosing this type of door must take into account the material as well as its functionality.

If the glass is chosen as the main material, it will allow to create a luminous and wide atmosphere. However, if wood is chosen as the main element, it will act as a separating element that transmits warmth and elegance. 

One of the main brands of sliding doors that we have in Aramar, is the Spanish brand of Hegox hardware that has different sizes and materials, some of the most prominent for glass, would be:

You can also find models for wood such as Hegox W Inox o Hegox W Start

The same happens for the folding doors, according to the material it will contribute a functionality or another one and also they are considered decorative elements of a home, although more adapted for rooms of big spaces, if we use the glass like main element, it will become an effective partition against the noise that contributes luminosity, which becomes ideal for spaces little illuminated, like baths.

At Aramar we have a great variety of fittings for folding doors, such as the hinges or handles that you can find in our catalogue. Highlighting, Aramar hinges from page 542 of our catalog, or the line of Japanese Hegox hinges among which are:

Another of the main ironworks that you will need, whether it is a sliding door or a folding one, will be the handles from which you can choose a great variety of designs and ways to install them, be they pressure, glued or fingernails with drills, to give an elegant touch to your sliding door. You can find the one that best suits your needs in our catalogue.

There are several features commented on the sliding doors or folding doors, and very different from each other, but in the end the difference is between the different hardware to use and end up marking you, do not forget any detail, find out about the sets of hinges with brake or door closer to give a touch of security to your folding doors. 

Because at Aramar Suministros para el vidrio, we like to make things easier and help our customers, please contact us and ask us about sliding doors or fittings for folding doors you need, we will be happy to help.