Installations clients Aramar 2018

At Aramar Glass Supplies we are very proud to see our customers satisfied with our products, but we are even more proud to see the things they are capable of doing. Today we are going to make a small compilation of some of the installations that we have received from some of our customers.

If we go to Elda, in Alicante, they send us the finished installation of the Hegox Star as a gateway between two rooms in a house with cats, hence, that the runner is curious to have a hole in the lower left to allow the passage to these small animals, an excellent idea for a particular situation. On the other hand, they also send us the installation of the Hegox Inox, as an access door between kitchen and living room, with semi-transparent glass, to let the light pass between the rooms.

Now, we move to Marbella, during this year has made an installation of a series of stainless steel posts as a fence garden area in a minimalist urbanization.

If we travel to Mallorca, we find this room with incorporated bathroom, with separation of sliding door installed to wall, being the model Hegox G-90 for glass of 10-12 mm and the softclosing system which saves in space and allows the passage of the light between the different rooms, to do of the stay a luminous and ample place.

Instalación Hegox G90 Aramar

Finally, if we return by our zone, in Torrevieja, we find the installation of division of space with elegance, with the telescopic slide Hegox Cheis, doing that the entrance to the home becomes a space with privacy for those who are in the hall and taking advantage of the complete space of 2 meters, thanks to the total opening of the sliding door.

In this same villa, we find the installation of a nail handle for sliding glass door of 8-10 mm installed in a Hegox Tois anchored to the ceiling for large leaves.

We would like to thank Cristaleria Borrel, Cristaleria Maurro, Clearly Frameless, Alumiglas, among others for sending us their installations with our products. These and many more are the products we have in our catalog, for any questions we will be happy to assist you by email or phone, where our team can help and advise you.