Find out about the highlights of the month of November.

We arrived at the end of November and we still have some of the knobs and handles highlighted from our outlet area in stock, take advantage and visit our outlet area where you can find a wide range of products like these:

Shiny nail handle for sliding doors (ref. 3070265), uses a 36mm blind drill, making it embedded in the 8-10mm glass door.

Another of the handles in this month’s outlet zone is the single elbow in satin stainless steel (ref.1519676) with a diameter of 25mm.

Between the knobs that belong to the outlet zone you will find a set of knobs (ref. 1523108) in bright chrome with a diameter of 30 mm.

But in addition to having products for sliding doors, you can also find among the products of the outlet zone, for bulkheads, such as knobs to glue 30mm in diameter in gloss stainless steel finish (ref. 2045210), or in matte stainless steel (ref.2045215). Or if you want to give a more vintage touch to your screen we have a porcelain knob set (ref. 2045195), 35 mm in diameter.

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These are some of the products that await you in the outlet area of Aramar, we also have a catalog with more than 5,000 references, visit us and contact us to place your order. Tell us what products you need.