Wide range of handles and knobs in Aramar.

In the market there is a wide variety of handles and knobs for different types of doors and spaces. Although both fittings perform the same function, to open doors of any type, they are not the same, as the main difference lies in the installation, as the knobs are usually installed with a single hole while the handles, usually more elongated and is fixed to the door with two screws, although there are also embedded or to glue, especially for sliding glass doors.

At Aramar Suministros para el vidrio we have an extensive catalogue of handles and knobs, both for glass doors of different thicknesses and for bulkheads. With different shapes, H or C, among others, different designs, single, double or shaped.

It should be noted that the category of handles in stainless steel is one of the main features that ensures the durability of this type of hardware. You can also find different gloss finishes, satin, matt or chrome, which suits your needs and has a sophisticated hardware that brings design and elegance to the space where it is installed.

In our catalogue you will find all these types of handles and knobs. In addition, during the month of November we have as highlighted, in the outlet area some of the references of our catalog with a discount of up to 30% until the end of stock, do not hesitate and tell us what products you need.