Sliding door hardware design competition

We are entering the final stretch of the first competition of Aramar Supplies for glass fittings for sliding doors, remember that the deadline for registration ends on 30 November and we are eager to receive your proposals in the mail, do not forget to submit all the necessary documentation, you can consult it in the competition rules.

In Aramar we know how important it is to renew and grow in this changing world, so we want to improve our R & D department, and we created this contest aimed at those students and professionals with knowledge necessary for the creation of such projects, with the aim of finding new professionals who can be part of our development department.

The Aramar jury will reward the sliding door hardware chosen in first position with 800€ and the hardware chosen as second position with 200€. In both cases, the winners will be able to opt for internships in our facilities.

Cartel concurso diseño de herrajes de puertas correderas aramar


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