Hegox, elegantly dividing spaces into a minimalist villa

Melafani Properties is a renowned real estate agency located in Torrevieja with more than 25 years of experience in the sector. Under the slogan “We are not just any real estate agency, we are your agent, your advisor, your trust”, it is reaffirmed as a multidisciplinary team of real estate agents, lawyers, technicians and advisors who provide a complete and totally personalized service. The client is their priority, and their special treatment for/with them is what makes them unique. It is what they call “The Family way”.

Among their latest works highlights the construction of a beautiful villa of 200m2 located in Torrevieja, a few meters from the beach. The house has its own modern style and is equipped with the best qualities in terms of design and materials.

Since the beginning of the project, Melafani Properties has counted on Aramar for the incorporation in the house of the supplies for the glass with the best standards. Thus, Cristaleria Maurro has been in charge of the installation of two of Aramar’s star products, the two Hegox sliders: both the Hegox Cheis and the Hegox Tois, both considered to be the most outstanding and avant-garde on the market.

The owners expressly chose these two overhead slides thanks to their multiple advantages: savings and connection of spaces, greater spaciousness and privacy of the rooms, noise insulation … In general, the high functionality of both slides combined perfectly with the design and style that the owners wanted for their home.


In this sense, the Hegox Cheis was chosen for its great adaptability as it is a telescopic door. And it is that the access to the living room of the house takes place through a space of 2m wide, being impossible to use a sliding door of 2m since this one would impact with the apparatus of air conditioning that is located in the wall that gives access to the living room.

Thanks to the installation of the Hegox Cheis sliding door, it has been possible, in the first place, to separate the entrance of the house from the living room, making it private. Secondly, it has been possible to take advantage of the total space of the 2m thanks to the total opening of the door. And, lastly and thirdly, it has prevented the air-conditioning device from continually receiving impacts from any other sliding door.

Thus, this telescopic door allows to join and to group its two leaves in the half of space freeing totally the access. In addition, as it is anchored to the ceiling, no work was necessary for its installation.

In addition, it was possible to trim the edges of the trim to adapt to the size of the air conditioning unit, thus also fulfilling its function of covering the guides.

Also noteworthy is the versatility of the design of the Hegox Cheis slide: thanks to its two superimposed leaves, the owners, of Italian origin, were able to place a vinyl from a cherry blossom that reminds them of their native land. Whether the door is fully extended or partially ajar, the door brings the perfect aesthetics, colour and touch to the space.

On the other hand, the Hegox Tois sliding door was chosen for its great amplitude because it allows to place a leaf of great dimensions that in addition avoids to have to carry out works when being anchored to the ceiling. Thus, this door could be installed perfectly in the entrance of one of the bedrooms whose width is greater than 4m. In this way, this space is totally private when the slide is closed, as well as totally freeing the access in the case of needing regular access to this bedroom.

Once again, and thanks to its functionality, it was possible to opt for the design desired by the owners, which was the translucent vinyl that also allowed light into this room while following the minimalist line of the house.

In short, Aramar adapts to the needs of each client. Faced with the difficulty of satisfying the most complex requests, Aramar, together with Melafani Properties, solves the problem of the division and union of spaces, providing a cutting-edge, efficient and quality response.

Do not hesitate to contact Aramar if you would like to know more about our fittings for glass and Melafani Properties for real estate advice.