Edgebanders for glass.

At Aramar, we are not only concerned about the supply of glass, but also about the tools used to work the material. This is why, in addition to our wide range of fittings, we also offer certain machinery for the treatment of glass.

These include suction cups, drills and glass edgers. The latter are discussed below.

It is a machine used to reduce the edge of the glass and give it shape. Once this has been achieved, the material can be processed to give it the desired thickness. This gives a flat, straight surface ready for use.

In Aramar we have different types of edgers:

  • Straight edger with 5 chain motors. Art. No.: 5555190
  • Straight edger with 8 chain motors. Art. No.: 5555195
  • Straight edger with 9 chain motors. Art. No.: 5555197
  • Straight edger with 10 chain motors. Part no.: 5555250 (also available for bearings)
  • Straight edger with 11 chain motors. Part no.: 5555252 (also available with bearings)
  • Straight edger with 12 chain motors. Part no.: 5555255 (also available with bearings)

The number of motors will indicate the capacity and working speed of each machine. To become more aware of the general characteristics of the edgers, we leave the following technical data sheet:


– Edging machine, it works on flat edges with 450 edges. Equipped with a diamond grinding wheel, a gloss grinding wheel, a cerium oxide wheel and ceramic edge grinding wheels.
– The conveyor (mat) is made up of rubber blocks that hardly dirty the glass and have a high resistance that ensure the holding of the piece.
– The translation speed is variable.
– The motors are automatically driven by PLC numerical control.
– The machine is equipped to work with cerium oxide, gloss and ceramic grinding wheels.
– The entire machine can be operated in manual and automatic mode.
– It has a touch screen that governs the entire mechanism of it.
– All covers, protectors and water drawer are made of stainless steel.
– The electrical panel is assembled under the low voltage CE certificate.


– Working speed: from 0.5 to 3 m/min.
– Minimum glass dimensions: 70×70 mm.
– Machine weight: 2.000 kg.
– Installed electrical power: 10 Kw.
– Glass thickness: 3 to 19 mm.
– Dimensions: 5,4x1x2,5 m.

If you want to know the specific characteristics of any of our edgers, do not hesitate to contact us via email or through our social networks:

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