How to reduce the heat in summer through the glass?

The commitment to large windows has forced the manufacture of several variants of traditional glass. This has also led to an important innovation in the area of enclosures. Most of these advances are aimed at increasing the sustainability of buildings.

Therefore, there is a trend towards energy and solar control through enclosures. Taking advantage of the fact that the architecture is looking for more glazed spaces that allow natural light to pass through and wide views, closures such as curtains have begun to be developed, such as the use of laminated thermopanels, which, in addition to providing security, allow temperature control and lead to savings in air conditioning.

This has not only been achieved through the closures. Work has also been carried out on double glazed skins to control solar radiation and on screen-printed and pigmented glass.


However, one of the latest advances in this area is the appearance of LOW-E glass, a glass that significantly reduces emissivity. Thus, it goes from 0.84 in normal glass to only 0.15, i.e. only 15% of the heat absorbed by the glass is re-emitted.

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