City Cabin: glass and wood.

As already discussed in other articles, glass is increasingly being used and valued in modern architecture. Among other reasons, it is due in large part to the luminosity and transparency that it provides to the infrastructures.

However, one of the most valued aspects of glass is the effects it can have in combination with other materials. In this case, we look at City Cabin, a home in Seattle (United States), which serves as a bridge between nature and people or cities. The architects of Olson Kundig’s office used mainly glass and wood in the elaboration of this cabin.

In addition, to reinforce the “nature effect” they built a garden around the house. They even determined that the only direct entrance to the house was in the garden. To enter from the street it is necessary to enter through the garage.

Glass gives us the feeling of being in a natural space even when we are inside the house, since through its large windows and sliding doors natural light enters almost continuously and we can enjoy the beautiful views of the garden. For all these reasons, the architects decided to place almost all the sliding doors and windows facing the garden.

Undoubtedly, projects like this are increasingly necessary for nature to begin to recover some of the land lost to the cities and, above all, for us not to forget the importance of it.

From Aramar, we can put a few things on this type of construction… or maybe if… How would it have looked with any of the slides of the Hegox series?

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