Selective glass

The use of glass in the fittings and enclosures of terraces, balconies or windows allows the passage of more natural light. This light, in addition to giving the house more luminosity, also serves to increase the warmth.

We are going to talk about one of the best glasses to use in these enclosures: selective glass. This glass, also known as solar control glass or solar-e, absorbs some of the heat from sunlight, allowing you to save on air conditioning and heating.

On the other hand, another of the advantages of this glass is that it filters out the sun’s rays, reflecting the ultraviolet solar radiation in a high percentage. It does this without causing it to lose its brightness.

To regulate the temperature, elements such as curtains or blinds can be placed to make it difficult for light to pass through, reducing the temperature.

As with all other crystals, our references are adapted to this type of crystal, so we advise you to see our catalogue for more information about them.

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