It is possible thanks to the new collaboration of DOM and TRIVEL, both together in this new electronic locks project.

ENiQ® Pro is a mechatronic knob cylinder which can be installed in almost all locks as an electronic access control system.
It is the modern electronic locking system for the home or for small commercial properties without installing any management software program. It makes the creation and deletion of individual transponders without software possible, even if they are not on hand. This allow to create and delete quite easily with the aid of the master card and a transponder management card without the transponder having to be “on site”. If, for example, a transponder is lost or stolen, complex replacement of the locking cylinder is no longer necessary.

The Tapkey app can be installed in almost all locks as an electronic access control system. It is compatible with Android and Apple devices. It activates a DOM Tapkey device via the NFC (Near Field Communication) of your smartphone. The admin user can authorize other users safely and securely via a highly secure Tapkey ID or Google ID.
It’s easy to create smartphone keys to your home for someone with the safe and secure Tapkey app. If someone loses their phone or transponder, simply revoke the access for this user and the safety of your home is maintained. You’re in control, even when you’re not at home.
You decide who gets in, whether you’re at work, at the gym or anywhere else for that matter. You can add or remove smartphones and transponders whenever you want. You can even determine how long someone has access to your house.

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