To facilitate the comprehension of our catalogues, in all of them we use different pictograms that refer to technical aspects of our products. Depending on the type of product, its description will have more or less pictograms.

Therefore, we will briefly describe the function of each one:

WEIGHT: refers to the weight of the article. Always expressed in kilograms.
UNITS: these are the pieces that make up the reference.
DIAMETER: is the distance, measured in a straight line, between two points on a surface.
MATERIAL: refers to the main component of the article in question.
MACHINED GLASS: indicates that the part has a notch or hole.
GLASS THICKNESS: expresses, in millimetres, the thickness of the glass for which the reference is prepared.
DISTANCE SHEET-HOW: shows the space left between the two crystals forming the partition.
GLASS-WALL DISTANCE: is the margin of space left between the glass and the wall.
MATT VELOUX: like all matt finishes, it is opaque and dull.
SILVER ANODIZED: it is a surface process of forced oxidation to provide a better aesthetic finish.
INOX. BRIGHTNESS: stainless steel refers to all stainless references. In this case, shiny.
INOX. SATIN: the material is treated to reduce its natural high gloss.
BRIGHT CHROME: a thin layer of chromium is deposited on an object by means of electroplating. In this case, to give shine.
POLISHED BRASS: This is a gold finish.
BLACK BRIGHTNESS: Black finish with gloss to give it another brightness.
BLACK MATT: dark finish without glitter.
SATIN NICKEL: a thin layer of nickel is applied to the outside of the inside of the metal. It is stronger than brass.
WHITE: it is the achromatic colour
BRIGHTNESS SILVER: this is the silver finish with the greatest brilliance.