Sliding Door Hegox Star Soft Closing

The world of sliding doors requires constant innovation and creativity. It is a slider in increasing use, so that the demands regarding the product go accordingly.

At first, simple one-leaf sliders were created. Later, leaves were added adding the possibility of extending its amplitude and modifying its opening system.

However, today we will talk about another innovation in this section: closing systems. They are systems that ensure the correct sliding of the glass sheet. In this case, we highlight the SOFT CLOSING system, a system designed to provide better service and better results.

Many of the HEGOX slides already have this braking system, but we want to stop at a specific sliding door: the HEGOX STAR SOFT CLOSING. It is a slide with upper guides that allows the possibility of anchoring to the wall or ceiling, with the upper guide and the fixed guide being ready to be clipped on the placket, leaving the jaws hidden. The stop / brake is located at the end of the guide, causing the brake of the blade to reduce the impact with the frame. In this way, a gentle closing is caused.

It is ideal for areas with high traffic and is capable of supporting a weight of up to 80kg. It is available in silver anodized finishes.

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