Shower screens

We are many who choose to use the screens in our bathrooms. However, many times we are in doubt about which material to choose. There are factors that often weigh on these decisions, such as the price, but we must never forget that screens are an element that we do not change assiduously in our home.

The main materials used in the manufacture of screens are acrylic and glass, more specifically tempered glass.

One of the most important differences between these materials is the hardness. The tempered glass is much more resistant, since it goes through an industrial process that hardens it considerably. However, acrylic screens are considerably cheaper, since the manufacturing process is simpler.

Another point in favor of acrylics is their lower maintenance, since they hide water spots much better. The glass screens do not hide the remains of soap and water, so they require regular cleaning.

Regarding the benefits of glass, they are remarkable and more important. First, they offer greater security and resistance. The tempered glass is about five times more resistant, so the chances of it suffering a break are really low. In addition, even if it breaks, the probability of causing any damage is scarce, since it is fragmented into pieces with rounded edges.

In the section of elegance and style, tempered glass screens are unrivaled. This type of screen gives luminosity, amplitude and transparency to the entire bathroom. In addition, there is the possibility of applying an anti-scale treatment, which will cause it to repel water droplets and keep it clean for a longer time.

Taking stock, we believe that it is worth making the effort and choosing a glass screen. Therefore, we present the range of profiles of HEGOX. It consists of 6 different models that will give your shower a unique elegance.

Hegox Bergen

Hegox Mar de Plata

Hegox Mar de Bronce

Hegox Mar de Sal

Hegox Mar de Amor

Hegox Stavanger

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