Swing doors

The swing doors are a choice very much like interior doors, due to its simplicity and functionality. This type of doors have the possibility of being simple, double or fixed. It is the double leaf doors that allow a greater opening.

In addition, they can usually be manufactured according to measurements of works, designs or simply for the need or taste of the client.

Swing doors have a variety of functions, so they can adopt larger or smaller dimensions depending on their use. They are characterized by hinges at one end of the blade and the lock is located at half height and at the opposite end of the hinges.

This type of doors usually requires a framing system that allows its correct placement while increasing the insulation between the spaces.

Precisely, the bet of HEGOX for its HEGOX FRAME framed system serves to stabilize the doors, increasing the isolation between the spaces that are to be separated. This model is prepared to withstand a thickness of glass between 10-12mm.

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